Four Directions

At the time that I was designing the canoe decal featured in this article, I was, once again three years ago today, working on another design for the Haisla Tourism Committee. This time it was for the company logo.

Here’s the statement that I included with my submission:

This design is a sun inside a compass. I chose this design because of the fact that tourism is the exploration of a territory and you need direction to know where you are going when embarking on a new journey. Today you use a compass but in ancient times we used the sun to determine which direction we were going, so this is an amalgamation of the older and newer ways of finding direction. Also I noticed that the compass rose looks like a traditional sun design so that inspired me and gave me starting point to begin designing.

I composed this design using vector graphics on a computer.

Here is the design itself:

Haisla Tourism Logo

Originally, I didn’t give the design a title but recently named it Four Directions to make it more applicable to the statement.

The requirements for the logo as set out by Haisla Tourism were as follows:

Logo should be easy to reproduce especially at a small scale when printing as a letter head.

• It must be easily recognizable as Haisla Tourism;
• It must look good in low resolution and in grayscale;
• Works both with and without text (Haisla Tourism). Creativity, originality, aesthetics and color will all be used to measure the logo’s merit.

Those were all things I kept in mind while creating the logo. I tried to keep it simple as I could so that when the design is shrunken down it doesn’t lose clarity or get over-crowded with detail. I also limited the color scheme to two colors to make it better suited to grayscale. Black is obviously the strongest color you can choose, red provides a great contrast to black and shows up well when converted to grayscale. It shows up more as a dark-to-middle grey, making it a safer color choice than lighter colors that might not show up as well or darker colors that will just look black.

On May 15th, 2009, I was announced as the winner of the logo contest. I was pleased to be chosen for two of the contests and look forward to any future opportunities like them should they present themselves.

For those wanting to know more about Haisla Tourism, their mission statement is as follows:

Haisla Tourism is an ecotourism organization committed to promoting the principles of ecotourism and responsible practices in tourism. Resulting from Haisla Community leadership, the traditional environmental stewardship gives the guidelines for sustainable tourism over the Haisla Traditional Territory, the heart of Canadian Pacific Inland Coast.

You can visit their website here.

Step Into The Spotlight

Do you own a painting, print or anything else made by Ab? Would you like to be featured on the Eagle Down Studios website? Well here’s what you can do: take a picture of yourself with the art piece or other object, write a few words about it, email it to Ab and you’re in!

There are no requirement restrictions; if you write one sentence, that’s fine and dandy. If you’re like me and write essays/novellas about nearly everything, that’s awesome too. Expressing what it means to you in your own words is better than anything I could ever write about it. It doesn’t have to be a written statement either, record a video or audio file, script it or wing it, however you’re most comfortable. If you don’t have the means to do any of those and you live in the Kitimat area, drop me a line and I’ll take the picture, then record, edit and upload your statement for you free of charge.

Maybe you don’t want to write or say anything, just send the picture and I’ll say a few words about it. If you don’t want to be in the picture, just send one of the work itself. I’d rather you be in it but it’s entirely up to you. I’d just really like to see people out there who have shown interest in my work and hear about it in any way they choose to express it. You’re the reason I do what I do, I want to share my art with the world. Without the audience, I wouldn’t be producing art and doing the many other creative things that I do.

So if you want to take part, send in whatever you have and I’ll post an article featuring you on my blog. Or I might make a static web page to keep them all in one place, or maybe both. Regardless of how I eventually decide to organize my website, you’ll be sure to be on it. You can email me here.

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