Decade Of Devotion

It was ten years ago today that I experienced a couple of firsts. To begin with, I attended my first and only double wedding. On one side was my aunt Celeste, who was marrying Joel, and on the other was her sister Shannon who was marrying Sandy. I had been invited by Celeste who also asked that I make a design to mark the occasion. She requested that her and her sister be represented by eagles, with one groom as a bear and the other a wolf or coyote. The design that I originally created is shown here:

Trinity 1

I decided to join the two women into one eagle as they are sisters and I felt this would better convey the unity of the family. I also thought the outstretched wings symbolized the women welcoming the grooms into the family, I liked that idea so I resolved to stay with it.

Upon first viewing, my aunt entreated me to change the color scheme to the wedding colors of purple, light blue and silver. The original design was done in a more Kwagiulth style with a traditional color scheme and I had to think about how I was going to change it into an unconventional color scheme without black formlines. In my art, I’ve always enjoyed trying different techniques and colors, so this presented a very interesting challenge.

After some experimentation, I decided to make the formlines purple since it was the darkest color and fill in the secondary elements with the light blue and silver. The result:

Trinity 2

This was before I had started doing computer graphics, I spent a lot of time mixing paint colors to make them balance and not have one overpower the other. If I recall correctly, the original painting also had metallic silver paint in it. I might not be remembering it properly as I have not seen it since I gave it to my aunt, it might have been a grey that I mixed.

During the reception and dance that followed the ceremony, I caught one of the garters, the first time I had done so. I still have it, as you can see in this picture:


I caught another garter at a different wedding about five years later, I have refused to attempt to catch any more garters since then. If you catch one garter, it’s supposed to mean you’ll be getting married so if you catch two, does that mean you’ll be married twice? Considering the fact that I don’t know if I even want to get married once, I’d rather not take any chances. Ten years have gone by since I caught the first one and I haven’t gotten married yet so I think I’m safe. But from the time that I caught the second one, whenever they’ve thrown out the garter, I have either abstained or very suddenly and conveniently gone to the bathroom.

Here are a couple of other keepsakes that I still have from the occasion ten years ago:

Flower & bell

Although there were a couple of firsts for me, that wedding was, as I recall, my second visit to Lytton. I had an enjoyable time there and look back on that time fondly. I congratulate my aunts & uncles and wish them many more decades of happiness together.