The Painting Process: Part 7

I was busy yesterday, didn’t have time to paint but I was right back at it today. I set a goal to finish the first coat of black and I accomplished that, here’s a look:

Sisiutl painting progress after fourth day of painting.
Sisiutl painting progress after fourth day of painting.

As I alluded to earlier, Mars Black is very thick and I needed to thin it a little with water while applying it. Doing this with the fine brush is easy enough but can be a little tricky with the wide fill-in brush. On the one hand, if the paint is too thick, it doesn’t spread very far. On the other hand, if it’s too thin, it spreads a lot easier but it doesn’t give you a solid coat. I’m going to need to do another coat of black but it shouldn’t take too long.

Today was the most time that I’ve spent painting in a day so far, I was getting some pain in my wrist and my thumb. Now, nearly four hours later, my wrist is still a little sore. Hopefully, I’ll feel better tomorrow. If it doesn’t get better, it could limit my ability to paint. Maybe by avoiding doing fine line work, I can still make some progress.

While I was away yesterday, I bought some new paint. I got more of the lighter burgundy that I already had and I also found some Cadmium Red Deep. As we’ve already established, Cadmium Red Medium is my favorite red so finding a darker shade of it was great. After testing it, I found that it’s thick and spreads very evenly. I’m pretty excited to try it out on the painting, it seems to be the perfect shade.

I also picked up a couple of different blues. There’s no blue in this particular painting, but I did make another version of this design, as you can see in this picture that I posted in an earlier post:

Sisiutl Reflection printouts.
Sisiutl Reflection printouts.

If this red version sells, I’ll be painting the blue version. I was thinking ahead and trying to find a suitable blue so that I have it ready to go whenever I’m ready to start on it.

As an aside: since I’m painting for about 5 hours a day, that’s a lot of time to fill. When I’m painting, I always need some kind of background noise, I absolutely cannot work in complete silence. I don’t like listening to the radio because of the commercials and I’ve pretty much exhausted my extensive music collection. So what I’ve been doing lately is I have two MP3 players: one for music or podcasts, and another one for audio books.

I mostly listen to podcasts, but when I’m up to date on the ones that I follow, I switch to audio books. The one I’m currently listen to is David Copperfield, which I downloaded from LibriVox. They provide free audiobooks of classic books and I became interested in David Copperfield when I found out that my late father’s favorite band was Uriah Heep. The band got its name from a character in David Copperfield. I started reading an e-book some time ago but never finished it. I’m not sure why but I probably found another book that I wanted to read more and never got back to David Copperfield. Another thing is it’s a really long book. I might have lost patience but now that I have a lot of time to fill while I’m painting, I’m further ahead in the story than when I tried to read it.

That’s about all for now, tomorrow I’ll probably be touching up what I’ve painted so far. More on that later.

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