The Future Of EDS

Eagle Down Studios started off as a way for me to make a living, however it didn’t fully come to fruition. I knew it was a massive undertaking and I had a lot to learn along the way, but I had always dreamed of being a professional artist and wanted so dearly to make it happen. I had high hopes that I could use my many creative abilities to support myself and I felt the time was right to try it. It was a huge risk and that was one of the reasons I put it off for so long. It was a lot easier to find a job somewhere and just do that but I wanted to take a break from the workforce for a while.

The biggest obstacle to getting my business off the ground was funding. The fact that I wasn’t able to secure a business loan coupled with me not being able to raise money with a business that was not fully operational put me in a very bad financial situation. Nobody will ever know just how hard things got for me, I honestly don’t even know how I managed get through it. The situation got so dire that it forced me to seek employment elsewhere.

Tomorrow, I start a new job. While I’m really excited for it and see myself keeping this job long-term, it also begs the question: what happens with Eagle Down Studios?

The answer: it will live on.

Only it’ll be scaled back significantly. My initial idea was to offer all of my creative skills, hoping to ensure that I’d always have projects to work on, but now that I’m going to be working at a different job I won’t have time for everything.

As it stands now, I’ll be working full-time at my new job and I’ll be doing my computer graphics and painting at home on evenings and weekends. With a steady income, I’m hoping I’ll be able to save money and buy the equipment that I need with my own money.

The main thing I need is a large-format printer so that will be my priority. Then once I get additional supplies such as paper and ink, I’ll be able to start printing off my designs as I always had planned.

This website will still be running and I’m going to be concentrating on painting for the next few months. I’ll also still be doing my computer graphics, so you can expect to continue seeing artwork produced.

In terms of a timeline, I’m hoping to have all of the required equipment in about a year, at which point I’ll start producing prints. There’s also the option of having someone produce some prints for me, but that’s going to cost money so I’ll think on it some more.

I will no longer be offering my audio/video services or anything else, all of that will be cut out. For the next little while, I’ll be reconfiguring my website to reflect what I’ll be offering from now on.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken an interest in my art and followed me on my journey. This is not the end, it’s a new beginning.

The Painting Process: Part 16

After leaving the sides of the canvas to dry overnight, I returned to finish the second and final coat of black on the bottom half of the painting.

Having finished that, I started doing touchups with gesso. This took quite a bit of time and I didn’t finish it completely, I just wanted to make it presentable. After completely this round of touchups, I decided to fix up the edge of the canvas.

When I removed the masking tape, I was again confronted by an uneven edge and I was thinking of ways to fix it up. What I decided to do was tape the side of the canvas and use my red paint to fill in the uneven parts. I saw that some paint was removed by the removal of the masking tape so I fixed it up with black paint. This I did by hand and I got a satisfactory result.

After doing all this, I decided that the painting, while not yet complete, was ready for display. There’s an artists’ exhibit at Haisla Homecoming, which started today, and this was the reason I wanted to get this painting done.

At this point, I’d say I’m about 95% finished. After display, I will bring the painting to completion.

On a side note, I finished listening to the David Copperfield audiobook yesterday. While I found it a little difficult to follow while I was concentrating on my painting, I picked up on the major plot points and enjoyed the story overall. I think I’ll read the e-book soon and fill in any spots I might have missed from the audio version story.

Today, I started listening to War And Peace, which I have never read before but have always wanted to read. I got through most of the first book and find it interesting.

One difficulty, which I have not alluded to so far, has been a bad reaction that I had to a bug bite on my leg. It started to hurt around Tuesday and I was hoping it would clear up on its own. Normally, I don’t react to bug bites; sometimes I get some itchiness and a little bit of swelling, but this was far worse than I’d ever experienced. Finally, after experiencing increasing pain and swelling, I went to see my doctor on Thursday. I was prescribed antibiotics and was told to keep my leg elevated. This was a problem to me as it’s pretty much impossible to paint while keeping your leg up. I needed to get this painting finished enough to display so I haven’t had much of a chance to lay down and keep my leg elevated. The swelling of my ankle and foot haven’t gone down yet but now that the painting is nearly done, I think I’ll be able to take a day or two off to rest.

I’m hoping my painting might sell at this exhibit and I get some rest this weekend. There’s still more work to be done but I’m so close to completion that I feel relieved.

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