2nd Anniversary

Oops, I was supposed to put this up on November 16th but apparently I forgot. It’s a month late but here’s what was supposed to be published:

Happy Anniversary to eagledownstudios.com!

It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago that I registered my domain name and started building this website from scratch. It was a learning experience and this site, much like the business itself, is still a work in progress. I’m at the point now where I’m pretty sure it will always be ongoing, but it’ll never be truly finished. This is partly because as time goes by, my ideas about my business and my artwork change. It’s also because I don’t have as much time to devote to this site and the business itself as I used to.

Thank you to everyone that has visited the online home base for Eagle Down Studios, feel free to have a look around and follow along as content is added in the near future.

You can also read about the creation process of this website in my 1st anniversary blog post here.

Tree Of Knowledge 1, Part 1

A little bit of background information is in order. I work as an instructor at Kitimat Valley Institute, and in the Haisla room there’s a large table which used to be in the boardroom at the Haisla Nation Council administration building. I first saw it at the old building, back when it was known as the Kitamaat Village Council band office. I worked there from about 2002-2004 as an office assistant. I saw this table numerous times while working there and was a little surprised to see it at KVI. From what I’ve been told, this board room table ended up in storage at KVI in separate pieces. The table top itself was discovered but the legs were missing. From the time I started working at KVI, the table top was resting on top of some folding tables in the middle of the Haisla room.

Haisla table end view.
Haisla table end view.

Around the end of August or beginning of September of 2013, I was approached by a co-worker and asked if I could come up with a traditional design and paint it onto the table supports. I had just started working at KVI and I had a lot of curriculum development projects in progress. The table supports had not been fabricated yet so I put it off for a time, meaning to get to it sometime in the near future.

Little did I know how busy I would be over the next couple of months; I didn’t have any time to think of a design. As things started to slow down before Christmas and the table supports had been finished, I finally had some time to put some thought into it. I had two options: 1) I could create an entirely new design, or 2) I could use or modify an already-existing one. I had a small window of opportunity in which to get started so I decided to go with the latter.

The composition I chose was one that I deigned about a decade ago entitled “Tree Of Life.” I felt that it fit because it had the four Haisla clans and the dimensions were about right to fit the table legs. I couldn’t paint it exactly as the original design appeared so I knew some changes were in order.

It was then that I began to think about how I was going to paint this design onto what strongly resembled bentwood boxes. I made modifications to the design itself and also to the color scheme. Being a computer graphic designer, the changes were relatively easy to make. The only problem I encountered was that I was doing this at my workplace, not at home. I have Inkscape installed on my work computer, but I mostly use Corel Draw at home. I’m familiar enough with Inkscape to do basic vector graphic work, but not enough to carry out some of the more complicated tasks that I can achieve with Corel Draw.

Having gotten a start on this, it was the end of my day so I left everything else until the next opportunity that I would have to work on it.