Two Prints And A Paddle

As a KVI instructor, most of the classes I teach are in the KVI building but I sometimes teach in unfamiliar environments. This was a day where I found myself teaching in a room I had never been in before.

This room was close to KVI, in fact it was next door in the Hirsch Creek golf course building. The first thing I noticed when I entered the room to prepare for my class was this:

Two Prints And A Paddle

While I was not familiar with the paddle, I had seen the prints before. That’s probably because I designed them.

It was about 5 years ago when I had these prints made. The printing was paid for by Marc-Andre de Launiere, who was working for Haisla Nation Council at the time. Him and I had been talking about having some of my work produced so the prints were made and left in Marc-Andre’s possession.

There were 5 prints made in total, I was never sure what happened to all of them. I was told one of them was at the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce and another the the golf course but I never saw them.

I also didn’t know there was more than one of my designs there so it was a pleasant surprise to see them in the room. Here a closer look at the first print:

Midnight Song

This design is called Midnight Song and was one of the first designs that I did entirely through computer graphics. It features a loon floating on a lake with the moon behind it. I was experimenting with gradients, which is basically a blending of two or more colors in a shape through vector graphics.

Here’s a closer look at the other print:


This is a hummingbird design that I created around the same time that I finished Midnight Song. Again, I was experimenting with gradients. This effect adds a lot of visual interest but one problem with gradients, however, is that they look fine in digital form but they tend to streak when they’re printed. This flaw is known as “banding.”

You can’t see this effect very well in this picture but it’s a cause for concern for a perfectionist such as me. I was going to take a close-up picture of it to better illustrate the effect but I haven’t gone back there since the first class I taught in that room.

In the future, I will be removing the background from the Hummingbird design to eliminate banding.

Another surprise was this print:

Cultural Warming

This print was much smaller than the other two. The others were about 24″ x 24″, this one was about 5″ x 7″. I had not known about this print being made, it wasn’t part of the series that the other prints came from. It’s not signed as a result, but it was good to see this.

There was also a small mask on the wall beside this print, I’m not sure who carved it but I was definitely proud of the fact that I was responsible for 3/5 of the artwork in that room. It’s also interesting to me that all of these designs were created around the same time when I first started learning vector graphics. I’ve learned a lot about computer graphic design since then but these designs got me off to a good start.