A New Hope, Part 2

In my previous post, I mentioned the fact that I’ve decided to change my career path. I wanted to add a little bit more to that.

While I was doing industrial training instruction, I’d always kept my business in mind. I always had the intention of going back to it and one of the things that got the ball rolling happened while I was teaching. I helped develop a Cultural Awareness course a few years ago. It was included as part of the orientation for an industrial company that recently started working in this area.

When the orientations first started, there were about four instructors that taught it on a rotating basis. After a couple of months, there were two instructors teaching it on a regular basis. One of these instructors I got to know very well.

He’d teach his orientation all day, then I’d come in during the afternoon to present my Cultural Awareness course. When this instructor would introduce me to the class, he’d start off by telling them that I’m a computer graphic designer. He’d mention my experience as an instructor afterwards, which got me thinking.

To him, it seemed, my artistic knowledge and abilities are my most valuable assets. And I realized that this is true: I am, first and foremost, an artist. Art is, and always has been, my life. If I were to choose one thing that I think absolutely defines me, it would be my art.

As time went on, he kept introducing me as an artist. Somewhere along the way, I decided that education is an area that I have abilities in, but art is my true calling.

Leaving my previous job was not an easy decision. For one thing, I’m leaving behind a steady income. Now it’s up to me to find my own money. That’s a little scary but I know I can do it.

I’m starting a business of my own but it’s not a new development. I started going down this path a few years ago, I’m just picking up where I left off.

A New Hope

I first started Eagle Down Studios five years ago when I had left my previous job at Haisla Community School. I found temporary funding to live off of while I tried to get my business off the ground but couldn’t find long-term funding. My short-term funds soon ran out and I was forced to look for a new job to get myself out of debt.

I applied at Kitimat Valley Institute as an instructor trainee. I was hired and things were great there, I was making use of my education training but I always had Eagle Down Studios in the back of my mind. It was always my dream to be a professional artist and I was hoping I could continue working towards that while having a full-time day job but it wasn’t happening.

I made the decision to leave KVI and re-dedicate myself to getting Eagle Down Studios up and running. My first order of business was re-designing the website, which I’ve done. You probably noticed the countdown timer that was on the home page, that’s what it was counting down to.

The main part of the website is done, though I will need to make some tweaks here and there. I have other projects that I’ll be working on during this first week.

It’s going to take a lot of work and I don’t want to lose any time. I mean, it’s a stat holiday and I could be relaxing but here I am working. I’m even more determined now to make this work than I was before. This is my second chance at making my dream come true, a new hope.

There are a lot of changes coming so stay tuned.