Steller’s Jays

I love Steller’s Jays and I’ve been wanting to get some pictures of them but they’re difficult to shoot. They don’t sit still for very long at all, they’re constantly moving. I know they hang around my backyard so I grabbed my camera when I saw some while I was standing on my back porch tonight. I love their coloring, I’m so glad I finally got some closeup shots of these beautiful birds (all images are copyright of Ab Morrison-Hayward).

Haisla Beach Panorama

I’ve been getting to know more about my cameras lately. I discovered that I could take panoramas with my Nikon CoolPix S9900 and I tested it out. You can see three versions of the picture below (all images are copyright of Ab Morrison-Hayward).

Haisla beach in its original color format.

I love taking panoramas, I was waiting all weekend for a chance to try it out on my point-and-shoot camera. I was hoping the weather would be clearer but it turned out okay even with the cloud cover.

Haisla beach in black & white.

I don’t do black & white very often. Not at all, actually, now that I think of it. It took a bit of tweaking but I’m happy with the results of this conversion.

Haisla beach in sepia tone.

I was trying to find a sepia setting on my graphics programs but I couldn’t find one. I eventually settled on GIMP; I adjusted the RGB channels manually until I found something that looked the way I wanted it to.