About the Artist

Ab Morrison-Hayward is a Northwest Coast Native artist from the Haisla Nation. He applies his computer, technological and artistic knowledge to his vector graphics, prints and paintings.

Born in Kitimat, BC, his formal education in the arts began at Mount Elizabeth Secondary School. While there, he attended both regular art and Native art classes. He developed a special interest in Northwest Coast Native design and gravitated naturally towards it, leading to him winning an award for “Outstanding Achievement in Indian Art” in his graduation year.

He began his post-secondary education at Thompson Rivers University (formerly known as the University College of the Cariboo) in Kamloops where he obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts. He took nearly every art course they offered with the aim of expanding on the fundamentals that he learned in secondary school. He elected to take a few English courses as well and, in doing so, started to fully realize he had an ability to write. He developed all of his basic skills at TRU but was only beginning to apply it to his traditional art.

From there, he transferred to the University of Victoria where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He honed his writing skills, along with his artistic skills through creative writing and English courses, as well as studying more art history and theory to earn his degree.

After achieving this goal he felt a need to continue on and decided to transfer into the Education field where he earned a teaching certificate.

Ab works in what he defines as the “New Age Tradition,” combining aspects of both the traditional and contemporary, continuing an art form that is constantly reinventing itself. Never afraid to take chances with his art, he’s always exploring new ideas and techniques and looking to apply them to his art and multimedia skills.